Tuesday, 19 February 2019

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Keeping track of client info shouldn't be hard

Our customer relationship management (CRM) platform is customizable and is your one place to capture leads, store and segment contacts, and more.

Customer retention is arguably the most important aspect of marketing. If you can't hold on to your customers, then what's the point of spending money to find new ones? It's like adding more water to a bucket that has a hole at the bottom. 
You have to get to the solution of the problem. In this case, it means finding out why customers aren't returning to your business and implementing a corresponding strategy to stop the bleeding. 

Find out why they're leaving 
The first step is always to find the source of the problem. If you can figure out why customers are leaving in the first place, then the rest of your job will be much easier. 
To do this, you can send surveys to past customers, read your reviews, and see if your business was mentioned in any blogs. There might be a really obvious reason why customers aren't coming back that you just aren't seeing.