Tuesday, 19 February 2019

We’re serious about helping small businesses succeed. Are you?

Keeping track of client info shouldn't be hard

Our customer relationship management (CRM) platform is customizable and is your one place to capture leads, store and segment contacts, and more.

Customer retention is arguably the most important aspect of marketing. If you can't hold on to your customers, then what's the point of spending money to find new ones? It's like adding more water to a bucket that has a hole at the bottom. 
You have to get to the solution of the problem. In this case, it means finding out why customers aren't returning to your business and implementing a corresponding strategy to stop the bleeding. 

Find out why they're leaving 
The first step is always to find the source of the problem. If you can figure out why customers are leaving in the first place, then the rest of your job will be much easier. 
To do this, you can send surveys to past customers, read your reviews, and see if your business was mentioned in any blogs. There might be a really obvious reason why customers aren't coming back that you just aren't seeing. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Business owners- Small Or Big, Traders, Service Industry, Education-  Coaching Classes, Schools and Colleges, Gymnasium, Real Estate Agents, Builders, Insurance Agents, Stock broking Companies.

Now Grow your Business by 400%. We always hear  from many  business people that Business is slow, Market is Down , Not getting enough enquiries, there is no Business conversion.  But this is not always true, Most of the Business owners are not ready to add Technology to their Business.
Now , we have solutions to Grow your Business !!!!

Kya aapne  MybigCRM use kiya hai ?

Now Add technology to your Business and GROW !!!
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Why Mybig CRM ?

CRM is Customer Relationship management  Cloud based Software .

Now Let us understand Your Business ?

Do you get daily Sales Leads from your Advertising Campaigns, Sales Staff,  Social Media ?
Do you have Proper System to Record  these Leads ?

Forget the old style of Record keeping in Diaries and Excel sheets.

Now a Final question , Do you know how many Leads are wasted  because of Ignorance, non follow up ?

Here We are , Get Ready to sell Smarter, Better and Faster !!!

Mybig CRM allows you to store every single Leads Reaching at your Office .

Your Sales Team will get Individual Log in and password to store every single Lead.
As a  Owner/Director/ Manager , you can Control and guide your Sales Team easily and productively from your Admin Dashboard. The dashboard of Admin and sales Team gives exact filtered details of  current situation of sales leads, How many total Leads, How many conversions expected this month and in Future Months.

Controlling your outstation Sales force is a big Task, with MybigCRM, you can Check daily /Hourly Leads follow ups.

MyBig CRM gives you additional benefits of GST invoicing, payment collection records, Advance received Records.

You can send Emails and SMS , Segregate your Leads with Location, Product wise, date wise, Source wise.  Now you can spend your time exactly where required because you get reminders on daily basis.

Mybig CRM increases your productivity without expanding your workforce. Its very easy to use with a little training. Actually sales Team is very happy to use it because it creates transparencies between your Sales people  and also very easy to plan Incentive schemes among sales Team..

Most important point is , it keeps your sales and marketing Teams working together.  You can compare your advertise spending to your revenue, you get exact source of your enquiries so that you can spend only that area.

Lastly , you can keep all your customers information up to date in One Place.

MybigCRM is the most affordable CRM in India toady

That is why today MybigCRM is India’s most preferred No. 1  CRM for Small and Big Business.